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Why a Sermon Series on the Gospel of Luke?

Luke rotator

On Friday we will begin a new sermon series on The Gospel of Luke. The subtitle of this series is ‘The Mission of Jesus’. Preaching through Luke will help us see how the story of Jesus fulfils the Mission of God to bring salvation to the whole world. Read further to see 4 ways this series will help us as a church......

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Cherish or Perish!


Whether we live in the labour camps or in the suburbs, Jesus came for us. Thank God for Jesus Christ! Thank God, Jesus came to save us from our sins! Sin is the enemy, sin is the reason for all our problems. We live in a broken corrupt world, where misery, sadness and heartache are very much part of our lives. But we live with hope, because Jesus came to set the captives f...

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Since the Bible warns that many are deceived about this crucial matter, the assurance of our salvation is a subject that we need to get biblically correct. How can we know for sure that we are saved?...

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Making Disciples Together - By Cole Daum


The best way to glorify God is to focus our time, attention and resources on making disciples of Jesus Christ. This article suggests a needed strategy in order to fulfil this mission, given to us by God....

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