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Why a Sermon Series on the Five Solas?

Wed rotator

This sermon series on 5 Solas of the Reformation, will remind us of the foundation of the evangelical faith. These five slogans, capture well the points of emphasis of the Reformers preaching and teaching. It was a teaching that rocked the world and brought consequences far beyond what they could have imagined. Most importantly, it was a recovery of the gospel. ...

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Relocating to the Zoo.

Church perspective

What we as a church have learned from the Covid pandemic is that worshiping as a church is an embodied experience, in both its individual and communal dimensions. Gathering is essential for the life of the church. Moving back to the Emirates Park Zoo, we believe is a step in helping our church gather again more effectively and fruitfully for God's glory....

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Come to Church Early!

Back to Church

Please for the sake of your brother and sisters’ soul, and for your own edification, make your church attendance a priority, and to add to that, come early, for God’s glory and for the joy of His people!...

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A Day Well Spent.

Members Together

The deepest bonds we can have with anyone (despite our external differences) are the bonds we have in Christ. The apostle Paul describes the church body as “members one of another” (Rom. 12:5)....

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Defining our Church Membership


In an individualistic and consumeristic culture, the very notion that church members bear significant responsibilities comes as a surprise to some Christians. But responsibility and church membership go hand-in-hand. This article is going to look at the Bible’s teaching on the responsibility of members to 'Define our Church’s Membership'. ...

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Elder-Led Congregationalism


The elders believe adopting a Congregational Elder-led polity is the best way forward for New Life Church, for the spiritual equipping and maturing of the saints and for the glory of our Lord through the ministry of New Life Church. ...

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Why a Sermon Series in Acts?


This Friday we start a new sermon series from the book of Acts. Written by Luke, Acts is the sequel to Luke's Gospel, furthering his story of Jesus, and how he built his church. The book of Acts tells the story of the birth of the church of Jesus Christ and its development from Jerusalem to Rome. As believers are empowered by the Holy Spirit they bear witness to the...

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Maundy Thursday

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What is Maundy Thursday? For many Christians, Maundy Thursday may be something that they have never heard about or may be a fairly new term they have recently heard. We've always celebrated Easter together. And most of our churches and communities have gathered to remember Christ's death on Good Friday. But Maundy Thursday is not as familiar to many Christians....

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Life Together

Back to Church

Yesterday (7 July) the TEC, received official confirmation from the Department of Community Development that the compound in Al Mushrif has been approved to enter Phase 1 of the re-opening process. As the government begins to relax some of the restrictions from this coronavirus lockdown, churches will soon be able to go back together with some conditions. ...

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It's Just Not the Same!


The Church gathering isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s part of what a church is. Since the lockdown, we have been mourning the loss of the “great means of grace” which we normally enjoy every Friday here in the UAE. We are trying to do everything we can to encourage and to be encouraged. We are trying to do everything we can to offer praise to our Lord and drink ...

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