Get Connected

Get Connected

Welcome"Being a Christian is more fundamental to your identity than your family, your ethnicity, your profession, your nationality, your sexuality, your personality - or any other way this world defines identity. And so the unity you share with every Christian supersedes every other bond. That means that wherever gospel people exist, diversity should as well. Diversity grows naturally from the gospel." - Jamie Dunlop (The Compelling Community)

New Life Church strives to be a gospel centred church. We are an international family of believers seeking to give glory to God in all we do. We like to think of our faith family as a snapshot of the Kingdom of Heaven, as depicted in Revelation 7:9. While we are people of different ages, ethnicities, and callings, we are united in our worship of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, through the saving power of the gospel.

The expat life can be extremely lonely but as a church family, we desire to experience great Christian community with each other as we encourage each other in our faith in Christ.

Our various ministries areas cater to adults, youth and children and are aimed to unify our church as we learn more about how to live out our faith on a daily basis.

We encourage you and your family to get connected at New Life Church and to consider joining us as a faith family.