From Fear to Faith

May 21, 2023 Preacher: Gareth Franks Series: Habakkuk - Trusting God in Troubled Times

Topic: Christian Living Scripture: Habakkuk 3:1–15

The first two verses of this chapter signal the fact that Habakkuk has had a serious change of heart. In chapters 1 and 2, Habakkuk prays for God to intercede and to change his mind regarding the Babylonian invasion—not to pour out his wrath. But now in humble submission, he simply prays, “In wrath remember mercy.” This chapter is not just a prayer; it is a psalm, a psalm that has been preserved so that it can be sung in worship. It is clear that what we find in the third chapter is given to us as a pattern for our worship.

  1. The Prophet's Hope (v.1-2)
  2. The Prophet's Theology (v.3-7)
  3. The Lord's Battle (v.8-15)

Verses 3-15, are a poetic description of God’s working in the past, when He delivered the Israelites from the hand of Pharaoh and the land of Egypt, and as He brought them into the land of Canaan. If God did all this for His people in the past, He will do the same for His people in Habakkuk’s day (and in ours). These mighty acts of God recorded in this text are meant to show us that God is able to save those who look to him in faith through trust in his Son.

During those fearful times of darkness, remember Habakkuk. Take your eyes off all your future fears and look back and reflect upon the faithfulness of God to you in the past. Learn to rest in the truth that, the God who has always been faithful to you in the past has bound himself in covenant always to be faithful to you in the future. And in so doing you will find God transforming your fears into faith.

Getting Started                          

  1. Who in your life do you long for God to make His mercy known to? What does your prayer life look like for this person?
  • Read Habakkuk 3:1-15
  1. What insight, principle, or observation from Sunday’s sermon did you find to be the most helpful, eye-opening, or troubling?

 Digging Deeper

  1. Why does Habakkuk begin with ''I have heard of your report'' (v.2)? What great event is being described here?
  1. In verse 2, why does Habakkuk ask God to ‘remember mercy in wrath’? And what does it tell us about Gods character?
  1. How did Habakkuk describe God’s actions? (3:8-15)

The Heart of the Matter

  1. How has Habakkuk’s attitude changed from chapters 1 and 2? What changed him? Has this ever happened to you?
  1. What is Habakkuk’s attitude, having heard God’s response to his questions? How else could he have responded if he did not put his trust in God? How is your attitude similar or different?

  1. Belief effects our behaviour. In 3:1-15, we see a drastic change in Habakkuk’s behaviour because of a return to good theology. Why is it important to remind ourselves of who God is and what God has done, and why is it relevant to our present and future hope? How does good theology fuel hope in your life?

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