The Parable of the Good Samaritan.

August 7, 2020 Preacher: Gareth Franks Series: The Parables of Jesus

Topic: Christian Living, The Gospel Scripture: Luke 10:25–37

An article from The National from September last year headlined with these words, New 'Good Samaritan' law set to be finally introduced in UAE. This 'Good Samaritan' law was passed last year by the Ministry of Health which allowed bystanders to offer aid in medical emergencies without fear of legal consequences.
I found it intriguing that the government of the UAE has an understanding of what the Good Samaritan was... and should be! This parable could very possibly be the most well known parable of all. Whether in Christian circles or non-Christian circles, people know about this parable. But in all fairness, they don't know the whole account and often draw conclusions from it ..out of its context!
The lesson we can learn from this parable is to not ask the question, “Who is my neighbour?” but rather, “Whose neighbour am I?” Geography, culture, ethnicity, race or bank account does not define a neighbour. Rather, according to Jesus, a neighbour is something we are. As one commentator observes, “One cannot define one’s neighbour; one can only be a neighbour.” Or again, “Neighbour is not a concept to be debated or defined, but a flesh-and-blood person in the ditch waiting to be served. You can’t define your neighbour in advance; you can only be a neighbour when the moment of mercy arrives.” And the way in which we love others – particularly those in need – is a practical demonstration of our love for God. 
Who is the Good Samaritan? The Good Samaritan is a picture of the Great Samaritan. Jesus left heaven to come to our neighbourhood to have compassion for us. Jesus is the one who rescues the dead and damned in their wounded, sinful state. Jesus pays for it all, rescues us from slavery, and is often hated by the ones he cares for. He gave and gave, more than oil and wine, he gave his life on the cross so that his blood could heal us of our sin. So that his love could heal us of our brokenness. So that his acceptance could reconcile us with God.
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