The Rule of the LORD – Delighting in the Fear of the LORD

February 25, 2024 Preacher: Pedro Samuel

Topic: Christian Living Scripture: 1 Chronicles 13:1– 15:29

God's work must always be done according to God's prescribed way. Our study is based on an event in biblical history that provides a powerful demonstration of this principle.  The moving of the Ark of the Covenant by King David to Jerusalem.  

During the times of the Judges, when the Israelites turned away from God, God allowed the Philistines to capture the Ark of the Covenant and to bring it back to their city as a war trophy. In every city where the Ark was placed, God's wrath was vented against the Philistines there. So they finally returned the Ark to Israel, by placing it on an ox-cart that had no driver. The oxen mysteriously pulled the cart till it arrived at an Israelite village. From there the ark was moved to a place called Kiriath-Jearim, where it was kept for 20 years in the house of a man called Abinadab. This was the setting for the event that we want to focus our attention on - How King David moved the Ark from this house to Jerusalem to have it properly reinstated into the place of worship. Our study is based on four scenes: 

  • Scene 1: We must desire The LORD’s rule - 1 Chronicles 13:1-4
  • Scene 2: We must revere The LORD’s rule - 1 Chronicles 13:4-14
  • Scene 3: We must follow The LORD’s rule - 1 Chronicles 15:1-15
  • Scene 4: We must surrender to The LORD’s rule - 1 Chronicles 15:16-29

After the anger of the Lord struck down Uzzah the priest for taking "hold of the ark" (13:9) when it fell of the ox cart, David goes back to God's word. In God's word he learns again how God had prescribed the ark to be carried.

The ark was supposed to be carried by the Levites in a certain way. The language is, “According to the rule.” (15:13) And David looks back and he says, “We did not seek God according to the rule, according to his word.” David calls the priests and the Levites together and says, “This is how it needs to be carried.” And the Levites carry the ark of God on their shoulders, according to the word of the Lord (15:15).

Getting Started                          

  1. If you were appointed King of the world for one day (with unlimited power), what top 3 decrees would you put in place?

Read 1 Chronicles 13:1-4

  1. What insight, principle, or observation from Sunday’s sermon did you find to be the most helpful, eye-opening, or troubling?  

Digging Deeper

  1. Chapter 13:5-12 describes the failure of the Israelites to follow the directions of worship, which resulted in the death of Uzzah. Why exactly was Uzzah killed? Refer to Exodus 25:10-16.  
  1. What did David do with the ark after Uzzah died? (13:12-13) What happened to the family who provided housing for the ark? (13:14)  
  1. By the beginning of chapter 15, David is prepared to attempt again to bring the ark up to Jerusalem. What did David learn about God (in chapter 14) that encourages him to try again?

    The Heart of the Matter

  1. David’s anger at God soon turns to fear (13:12) and asks, “How can I ever bring the ark of God to me?” David’s emotions changed from EXCITED JOY to AWESOME FEAR. All in a few moments. Perhaps he approached God too casually and without reverence. And now he realises that he needs to approach God more cautiously. With more reverence. On God’s terms. Is that something you struggle with? Are you at times too confident in your own abilities? Do you sometimes think that you have got God all figured out?  
  1. True or false? - “Some redefine the fear of God for believers to “respecting” Him. While respect is definitely included in the concept of fearing God, there is more to it than that.”  Explain your answer.  
  1. Chapter 15:12 demonstrates David’s commitment to bringing the ark of the covenant into Jerusalem in the right way. He had learned the lesson that the process also matters to God, not only the result. What are some ways that church has become result oriented rather than God-process oriented, and how can we change this?