An Encounter of Contrasting Agendas

October 16, 2022 Preacher: Robert Dorsett Series: Acts - The Gospel in Motion

Topic: The Gospel, Christian Living Scripture: Acts 24:24–27

All too often, we allow procrastination to rob us of spiritual opportunities, whether for our own growth or for the advance of the gospel.

Our passage is a study of Felix the Roman governor. It’s a sad story of a man who preserved himself, a man who wanted money but forfeited what mattered. In contrast to Felix, we have the the patience and grace of God on display. God ordained for this Roman ruler and his wife to not only hear the gospel but to hear it for 2 years. This two year delay was a manifestation of God’s grace towards Felix and Drusilla. But sadly it appears this grace was rejected, and so this couple will face the eternal wrath of God, instead of His glorious salvation.

Felix probably thought he was being shrewd to put off the decision of Paul’s guilt or innocence. But he ended up putting off the matter of his own guilt (through his sins) or innocence (in Christ). Although God is patient and gracious towards us, we know that he is both just and justifier.

Our text is divided into 2 parts:

1) The Truth of the Gospel Proclaimed (vv. 24-25a)
2) A Decision Delayed (vv. 25b-27)

Felix knew not the time of his visitation. Judgment fell on him, and the Jews, to whose wickedness he pandered, became his accusers before Caesar. No season is more convenient than the present, when the voice of God says, "Repent!" 

Getting Started

  1. What insight, principle, or observation from Sunday’s sermon did you find to be the most helpful, eye-opening, or troubling?
  2. Procrastination is the habit of delaying an important task, usually by focusing on less urgent, more enjoyable, and easier activities instead. Have you ever delayed an important task in order to do a more enjoyable activity instead? Please share your story. 

Digging Deeper

Read Acts 24:1-23

  1. “Atheism has destroyed some. Procrastination has destroyed millions.” Would you agree/ disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.
  2. Felix’s activities, ambitions, and anxieties reveal his priorities. What priorities do your activities, ambitions, and anxieties reveal?
  3. When it comes to being patient in our evangelism, how can we know whether God expects us to wait passively on Him or to be more pro-active ourselves? (see  14:10-31).

The Heart of the Matter

  1. Can Christians pursue the kingdom of God and their own kingdoms at the same time? Why/why not (biblically)?
  2. What is the proper balance between grace and salt ( 4:6) in witnessing? How “salty” should we be?
  3. Because of his corruptness, Felix was removed from his position and banished. Only the influence of his brother" Pallus saved him from execution. His more convenient time never came, and neither will yours. How can a procrastinator overcome this problem?

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