A Testimony of Grace

August 21, 2022 Preacher: Gareth Franks Series: Acts - The Gospel in Motion

Topic: Christian Living, The Gospel Scripture: Acts 22:1–22

While Paul was in the temple, completing a Jewsih ceremony, the non-believing Jews recognized him as the “one” who taught that Christ was the fulfillment of all these Jewish ceremonies, and they seized him and beat him, wanting to kill him. Then Roman soldiers intervened and saved his life by arresting him thinking that he was a terrorist stirring up a revolt.

As Paul was about to be brought into the barracks he gets permission from the chief captain to speak. In our text we look at Paul’s Testimony of Grace that he shared with the unbelieving Jews in Jerusalem. If you are a Christian, you too have a testimony of God’s Grace. 

  1. Zealous for the Wrong Reasons (v.1-5)
  2. Salvation by Grace Alone (v.6-16)
  3. Opposition to the Gospel of Grace (v.17-22)

Paul explained to the Jewsih mob, that he persecuted Christians. Paul was not considering the claims of Christ as he marched toward Damascus that day. He was not unhappy with his life in Judaism, searching for another way. He had not been re-reading his Bible in light of the life, death, and claimed resurrection of Jesus, to see if the ancient prophecies pointed to Jesus as Israel’s Messiah. Rather, he was aggressively defending the Jewish faith, seeking to destroy heretics who claimed that Jesus was the Christ. It was while he was passionately doing this that God literally stopped Paul in his tracks. His power knocked Paul to the ground and blinded him.

Paul testifies that he met the resurrected Christ that day on the road to Damascus. Christ sovereignly intervened into the life of Paul that day.  Paul was not seeking Christ. He was on his way to persecute Christians, but Christ was seeking Paul.  Paul was changed when Christ laid hold of him for salvation somewhere on the road to Damascus.

If you are a Christian, the scriptures say you are an ambassador with a message from the king, not a salesperson with consumers to tantalize. We must appeal to people urgently, confidently and honestly. God is sovereign and he is in the business of saving sinners. If God’s grace and power are mighty to save a sinner such as Paul, then He is able to save any sinner, and to do it instantly and totally.

Paul's life was changed by Jesus Christ and he had to speak about the One who gave him the forgiveness of sins. Paul took the stand and opened his mouth about eternal life, peace about death, assurance of heaven and purpose for life.  What about you, Christian? Are you speaking to others a simple testimony as to how Christ saved you and changed your life?  If Christ has saved you, you are responsible to tell others that He changed your life and will change the lives of all others who turn to Him and accept Him as Saviour and Lord.

Discussion Questions

  1. What would happen if a witness took the stand, was asked for his testimony, but never opened his mouth?
  2. Is it possible to substitute your testimony for the gospel? What are some ways this can happen?
  3. Why is the idea that God elected us because He foresaw that we would choose Him opposed to Scripture?
  4. God’s purpose involves His being glorified among the nations. How can a Christian determine how he fits into this purpose?

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