The Power of Christ's Grace

April 24, 2020 Preacher: Gareth Franks Series: The Gospel of Luke

Topic: The Gospel, Christian Living Scripture: Luke 5:26–32

Christ did not come to call the righteous, but sinners. He who called Levi still lives today and is still in the business of saving sinners. We must never say of anyone that he is too wicked, or too hardened, or too worldly to become a Christian, No sins are too many, or too bad, to be forgiven. No heart is too hard or too worldly to be changed. With Christ nothing is impossible! It is to God’s glory to save the most desperately wicked.

That powerful, effectual word of Christ is the only scriptural explanation for the conversion of a sinner like Levi into the Apostle Matthew. Be hopeful! Be encouraged! If you have been praying for a lost loved one or friend or colleague for a long time, DON’T GIVE hopeful, keep praying, keep sharing the gospel! It is not by your methods or by your convincing or by your skills someone comes to is through Christ’s power to save!

“The heart which is really taught by the Holy Ghost, will always be full of love, charity, and compassion. The soul which has been truly called of God, will earnestly desire that others may experience the same calling. A converted man will not wish to go to heaven alone.” – J.C.Ryle

If we have compassion, we will not spend all of our time and energy condemning sinners, but will rather call them to repentance. If we desire to be faithful with the great commission, we must obey our Lord by calling sinners to repentance. We must learn to have contact with sinners in such a way as to be comfortable with them and they with us, without conforming to their ungodly ways. This is what our Lord did, and this is what our Lord calls us to do.

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