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A Day Well Spent.

Members Together

The deepest bonds we can have with anyone (despite our external differences) are the bonds we have in Christ. The apostle Paul describes the church body as “members one of another” (Rom. 12:5)....

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Meaningful Home Groups


The end of the Summer holidays means the relaunch of our Home Groups. I want to use this brief article to encourage each member of New Life Church to connect with one of these Groups, for God's glory and your joy!...

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Why Catechism Classes?

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On Saturday February 19th, at 9:30am, NLC will launch their Family Bible Hour. This hour is for everyone part of our Faith Family. This will be similar to a Sunday School set up, where we get to spend more time in a fun format learning God’s Word....

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Defining our Church Membership


In an individualistic and consumeristic culture, the very notion that church members bear significant responsibilities comes as a surprise to some Christians. But responsibility and church membership go hand-in-hand. This article is going to look at the Bible’s teaching on the responsibility of members to 'Define our Church’s Membership'. ...

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Elder-Led Congregationalism


The elders believe adopting a Congregational Elder-led polity is the best way forward for New Life Church, for the spiritual equipping and maturing of the saints and for the glory of our Lord through the ministry of New Life Church. ...

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Why a Sermon Series in Acts?


This Friday we start a new sermon series from the book of Acts. Written by Luke, Acts is the sequel to Luke's Gospel, furthering his story of Jesus, and how he built his church. The book of Acts tells the story of the birth of the church of Jesus Christ and its development from Jerusalem to Rome. As believers are empowered by the Holy Spirit they bear witness to the...

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Maundy Thursday

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What is Maundy Thursday? For many Christians, Maundy Thursday may be something that they have never heard about or may be a fairly new term they have recently heard. We've always celebrated Easter together. And most of our churches and communities have gathered to remember Christ's death on Good Friday. But Maundy Thursday is not as familiar to many Christians....

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Hyena Hunting


Proverbs 6:27 asks the question, “Can a man carry fire next to his chest and his clothes not be burned?” The answer is no! We cannot carry fire close to our chests without being burned just like we cannot entertain hyenas without being bitten. We do this by entertaining our sins and toying with them instead of putting them to death at the first opportunity. ...

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Graveside Gardening.


This season of grieving has taught me to remember truth. The importance of remembrance cannot be overstated. Remembering helps us refocus, re-align and heal, so we can go on living our lives in ways that glorify God. The Bible is full of reminders to remembrance. But what are we to remember? In short we are to remember who we are in Christ and why we’re here....

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Mourning with Hope.

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Pastor Gareth reflects on his mothers life and shares with us lessons that the Lord is teaching his family during their time of mourning. ...

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