The Darkness Turns To Light

December 24, 2021 Preacher: Robert Dorsett Series: Christmas Season

Topic: Christian Living Scripture: Isaiah 8:19– 9:7

This passage is a whole unit that runs through to Isaiah 9:7. The end of chapter 8 is a transition into chapter 9—the gloom and despair of those walking in darkness in the north of Israel who will see a great light, the Messianic age. This passage forms the judgment part of it, the judgment leading up to the coming of the deliverer. Clearly the focus is on the destruction that took place in Samaria in 722 B.C., but includes the invasion of even Judah at that time. However, the message centers on the positive note that God will be with them if they trust in His word and hold their integrity. Our passage can be divided into 3 sections:

  • 1. The Darkness of the World (8:19-22)
  • 2. The Anticipated Light of the Messiah (9:1-5)
  • 3. The Peace of the Messiah (9:6-7)

Against the background of the prophecy of war and destruction, darkness and gloom (chapter 8) Isaiah gave this prophecy about the Messiah—the glorious coming king. “Messiah” is a Hebrew term that means “anointed one,” that is, the anointed king. In a sense, every king who was anointed in Jerusalem as a descendant of David would be called a “mashiah” (pronounced mah-she-ack), a messiah. But the Bible tells how ultimately a son of David would come who would be known as “the Messiah.”

Christmas is the season we celebrate the son of God becoming flesh. We believe that Jesus Christ is this very promised Messiah. This Messianic Prophecy, is fulfilled in Jesus Christ, our hope for peace and righteousness. As in Isaiah’s day, so now, the people of God can be encouraged that there is a glorious future, that the world will see the day of redemption, that the oppressed and the weak will be delivered, and that oppressors be either destroyed or changed. Such a hope helps believers to live above the curse, fixing our eyes on the hope of glory.

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