Stephen - A Faithful Servant.

August 27, 2021 Preacher: Gareth Franks Series: Acts - The Gospel in Motion

Topic: The Church, Christian Living Scripture: Acts 6:8–15

In our passage we learn that , Godly character is the basis for courageous witness for Jesus Christ, no matter what the results. Stephen was called to serve because he was an example before the church back then, and his example as a servant is why he is an example to us today. If we will effectively serve the Lord then we need the kind of character that marked Stephen.

In spite of all Stephen’s outstanding qualities, his ministry provoked fierce antagonism. But, it was in such conflict that we see more of his character in action as he remained committed to Christ and His church.

God is still looking for men and women like Stephen. Those who behold the glory of the Lord in Jesus; those who can serve Him in His church, who can be chosen out of the thousands, who have manifestly demonstrated the character of a Stephen, full of faith, full of grace, full of the Holy Spirit, full of wisdom and power.

God is still looking for people who have courage without limit; who have boldness without bounds. And God will demonstrate His glory on the face of those people; perhaps not visibly, but in the calm, peaceful, tranquil, almost transcendent trust that comes through in the most hateful and violent circumstances; people that are able to live their life in Christ above the difficult circumstances.

Discussion Questions

1. How would you define success?

2. How godly should a person be before sharing the gospel? Do we have to “have it all together” to be a good witness?

3. Which of the character qualities that Stephen had do you most need to work on? How will you go about working on it?

4. If God must open the hearts of hardened sinners, then why can’t they blame Him for not believing (see Rom. 9:6-23)?

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