The Church

April 16, 2021 Preacher: Pedro Samuel Series: Elder-Led Congregationalism

Topic: The Church Scripture: Matthew 16:13–20

1. The Church is the Community of all True Believers for all Time.

        “The church is the community of all true believers for all time”  -Wayne Grudem

2. The Church is Invisible, Yet Visible.

3. The Church is Local and Universal.


For over a year now, the Covid-19 restrictions have caused NLC and other churches, public gatherings to go on hold.

Many believers have turned to various forms of technology to encourage one another during this unusual season. We can pray for one another over the phone. We can host virtual Bible studies on Zoom.

I’m grateful that we can minister to one another in these ways while scattered. But today, I simply want to remind us what a church is; that a church is never less than a gathering.

It seems like a good time to consider why Christians prioritize gathering in the first place.

Even though many congregations cannot now meet, assembling is the essence of a church. Gathering isn’t merely a nice thing to do; it’s part of what a church is.

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