New Life Church Kids meet in the Yemini Restaurant at 9:30am at the Emirates Park Zoo. From 10:30am, all children join their parents in the full worship service in the main hall. After this time of corporate prayer and praise, just before the sermon, children below 9 years are welcome to join the "Children's Church".

  • Tailored Programs for Each Age Group

Nursery: Infants & toddlers from 12 – 24 months
We provide rooms for parents with infants & toddlers to allow their children to play and move around while the parents can still hear the sermon. Parents must remain with their children in these rooms. 

Pre-School: Children from 24 – 36 months
We provide a class for preschoolers using The Older Toddler Curriculum – A Sure Foundation: His Praiseworthy Deeds written by Children Desiring God. Each month the children will focus on one Foundational Bible story and one foundational scripture memory verse. Children may not understand everything the first time they hear a story, but through the work of the Holy Spirit and repetition, they begin to understand, learn and remember biblical truths through these stories.

Pre-School: 3 year olds
We have begun using a series designed to teach toddlers what it means to be a child of God and how to know Jesus personally. Children focus on a particular theme for 8 weeks, throughout which they hear 8 Bible stories about the chosen theme. The themes we cover are: "My Amazing God", "I Praise Jesus for..." "Jesus Teaches Me", "God Takes Care of Me", "Jesus is My Friend", and "God blesses Me".

School age: Children from age 4 – 9
Children are taught gospel truths using The Gospel Project Curriculum. This is a three-year study from Genesis to Revelation connecting all stories to God’s plan to rescue and redeem His people.

Small Groups & Corporate Worship
Children ages 3 – 9 meet in small age appropriate groups at the beginning of children’s church and then come together for a time of praise and worship at the end.

Scripture Memory
Children ages 4 – 9 have been working to memorize The ABC’S of Scripture. God’s Word gives good instruction that we should encourage and instruct our children to meditate on Scripture by “hiding it in their hearts". We encourage all parents to talk with their children throughout the week about their memory verse and even memorize it together as a family. 

Our Teachers
All of our dedicated teachers are either Covenant Members or regular attenders at New Life Church. They generously give of their time and energy to serve our children and teach them truths about God and his plan to rescue them from their sin. If you would like to serve in New Life Church Kids, please email us at

Baby Dedications
While we believe that the ordinance of baptism is reserved for professing believers of Jesus Christ, we occasionally hold a special baby dedication service for families that are members or regular attenders at New Life Church and would like to publicly commit to raising their children in the Christian Faith.