Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups

A discipleship group is a community of 3-4 people of the same gender that experience life transformation by focusing on Jesus together.

Discipleship groups focus on Growth, Community and Influence.


Key Ingredients for Spiritual Growth: Truth, Grace, & Time
                       Truth + Grace + Time = Growth

The Holy Spirit increases our sanctification as we receive Truth from God’s word, but that truth must always be saturated with Grace—we must be patient and loving with one another. In this growth environment, God is faithful to grow His people over Time.

Discipleship Groups provide the Key Ingredients for Spiritual Growth.


God designed believers to live in community. Biblical fellowship requires a sharing of lives and participation in the pursuit of Jesus. Fellowship is sharing something in common on the deepest possible level of human relationship—our experience of God. Transparency and accountability produce spiritual growth.


Jesus was clear when He sent His followers into the world to make more disciples for Him. Discipleship Groups are designed to develop existing disciples while also holding one another accountable for making new disciples. God has called us to influence others for His glory! A Discipleship Group will meet for 6-9 months. At the conclusion of the group, each member of the group will begin a new Discipleship Group. The goal is multiplication!